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Master Class: Creative Photography and Editing in USA

Event Locations:
New York City NY (Oct. 23-24)
Boston MA (Oct. 28-29)
Bretton Woods NH (Nov. 5-6)

2-day exclusive master class with acclaimed, talented European photographer Margo Kareva @karevamargo1 (for professional photographers only)

- Plein air location, studio, models, mua, fashion designer clothing and all materials are provided
- The photographers are required to be advanced in Adobe photoshop and Lightroom software programs
- Master class includes a guided photoshoot and an extensive creative editing training
- Limited to 4 people

To register, complete the form - https://goo.gl/sQBNZj



It is also possible to travel abroad for individual photo sessions, shooting weddings and Love story



My name is Margarita Kareva. Engaged in photography since 2011

Currently I live in Ekaterniburg (Russia), but spend visiting photo shoot and master classes around the world.


The main directions of my work:

  • The organization and carrying out of photo-tours, workshops and master classes abroad
  • Individual staged photo shoot
  • Wedding Photography and Love Story
  • Art projects
  • Advertising photography

I make individual lessons of image processing in Adobe Photoshop.

Training is provided either in person or online through Skype and a special demonstration program, which gives access to my monitor.

Training fits for beginners to work in the program, as well as for professional photographers.

The time of one lesson - 2 hours.

Approximate program of the lesson:

Basic processing RAW.

  • Important nuances in the processing of photographs, arranged the necessary accents.
  • Gradients and brushes as creative tools in the treatment.
  • Art techniques at the stage of working with RAW.
  • Preparing images for further processing in Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop

  • The main methods of creating / editing masks.
  • The transformation of the image as an aid in processing.
  • Shoe photographs of excess (stains on background / extra items in the frame, and the like).
  • Plastic (nuances of the filter).
  • Fast treatment of the skin.
  • Dodge & Burn (work with chiaroscuro).
  • Art techniques (glare / accents / toning)
  • Working with plug-ins.
  • Art processing (Picture Style / color cine)
  • Preparing to print to the web.




For any questions you can write to my social networks.

I will be happy to answer them.

Phone: + 7-922-1445066

Mail: oxota-margo@ya.ru
Skype: margarita.kareva

ICQ: 221688518