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I am an organizer and photographer photo tours and individual photo sessions abroad :)


What is the photo tour:


We gather a group of several models (you can be from any city)

We choose a beautiful country, we take with us designer clothes, think over the style of each model

With us goes best stylists that make a perfect image for photography

We spend abroad 3-4 shooting, and the rest of the rest, socialize and have a great time :)

As a result you get is unreal beautiful pictures from your vacation :) Fabulous and unusual photos that, we guarantee you, even if you are not a professional model



Our next workshop will be held in  Italy: Florence and Rome

all the details on the workshops can be viewed at the link 




It is also possible to travel abroad for individual photo sessions, shooting weddings and Love story



My name is Margarita Kareva. Engaged in photography since 2011

Currently I live in Ekaterniburg (Russia), but spend visiting photo shoot and master classes around the world.


The main directions of my work:

  • The organization and carrying out of photo-tours, workshops and master classes abroad
  • Individual staged photo shoot
  • Wedding Photography and Love Story
  • Art projects
  • Advertising photography

I make individual lessons of image processing in Adobe Photoshop.

Training is provided either in person or online through Skype and a special demonstration program, which gives access to my monitor.

Training fits for beginners to work in the program, as well as for professional photographers.

The time of one lesson - 2 hours.

Approximate program of the lesson:

Basic processing RAW.

  • Important nuances in the processing of photographs, arranged the necessary accents.
  • Gradients and brushes as creative tools in the treatment.
  • Art techniques at the stage of working with RAW.
  • Preparing images for further processing in Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop

  • The main methods of creating / editing masks.
  • The transformation of the image as an aid in processing.
  • Shoe photographs of excess (stains on background / extra items in the frame, and the like).
  • Plastic (nuances of the filter).
  • Fast treatment of the skin.
  • Dodge & Burn (work with chiaroscuro).
  • Art techniques (glare / accents / toning)
  • Working with plug-ins.
  • Art processing (Picture Style / color cine)
  • Preparing to print to the web.




For any questions you can write to my social networks.

I will be happy to answer them.

Phone: + 7-922-1445066

Mail: oxota-margo@ya.ru
Skype: margarita.kareva

ICQ: 221688518